Christlike Man 3
Alle de piger Katie havde adopteret før Benji fandt hende og giftede sig med hende.

“I became Mrs. Majors on January 2nd of this year.

Benji is a discipler of men and a faithful maker of breakfast.

Long before we shared a home we shared a hometown with only a few hilltops to keep our adolescent lives from ever intersecting.

As the Lord would have it, we would only meet on the other side of an ocean after He had captured our hearts with a love for the Ugandan people and a desire for The Word to go forth in this place.

At first I was hesitant, but while Benji was patient, God was faithfully working on my heart.

I watched him teach Bible studies and disciple men and fix my kids’ bikes.

We laughed over coffee and all the crazy things that are life here.

He taught me more and more about the love of Jesus, in his words, and in his example.

He captured my heart.

And on the night he washed my feet and asked me to be his forever, the yes jumped off my lips as if it had always been waiting there just for him.

I imagined marriage would be good. Wonderful even. But I did not even begin to understand that it would be this holy.

I didn’t know that I would melt under this man’s gaze that is so full of the love of the Father for me.

I didn’t imagine the way his delight in me would be my daily reminder of the way my Father delights in me.

My husband’s love is just another way God has chosen to pour our His extravagant love on me, another constant reminder that He rejoices over me, and over each one of our daughters.”

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